Saturday Seminar: On-Set Audio

Saturday Seminar: On-Set Audio



Saturday Seminar – May – On-Set Audio

Saturday Seminar – May – On-Set Audio

Wayne Gassman brings over a decade of experience in the realm of sound mixing and audio engineering for diverse visual media projects.

With a background spanning local news to freelance ventures, Wayne has honed his craft in environments demanding quick thinking, adaptability, and a keen ear.

Bio: As the founder of Gassmann Media, soon to be rebranded as “3 Pig Productions,” Wayne has spearheaded numerous productions from concept to completion. His passion lies in fostering collaboration within the freelance community, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and skill sets.

Key Insights:

Confidence Through Experience: Wayne’s journey underscores the importance of stepping outside one’s comfort zone to develop confidence. His tenure in local news instilled in him the ability to navigate challenging conversations and situations, crucial for effective communication in any professional setting.

Essential Skills: Wayne emphasizes the significance of showing up, being present, and maintaining respect for everyone involved in a project. These foundational qualities not only contribute to a positive work environment but also facilitate learning and growth within the industry.

Collaboration Opportunities: Always open to collaboration, Wayne welcomes creative individuals with a knack for problem-solving. He recognizes the intrinsic value of networking and the potential for collective innovation in the freelance landscape.

Wayne’s upcoming Saturday Seminar promises invaluable insights into the stages and equipment essential for aspiring sound mixers and audio engineers. Join him as he shares his wealth of knowledge and practical wisdom garnered through years of hands-on experience for the Saturday Seminar series on May 25th.

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