Who we are

The INDEPENDENT FILMMAKERS COALITION is a collective of filmmakers dedicated to the advancement of independent film through community support. IFCKC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

IFC provides a unique mutual support system through which members share time, energy, expertise, resources, and most importantly, creative support for one another’s film projects – from concept through distribution.

We work together to restore humanity, authenticity, diversity, originality, intelligence, relevance, personal vision, and emotional resonance to regional and national cinema.

Started in 1993 as a collective answer to the practical needs of independent filmmakers in Kansas City, the IFC has evolved into a multi-layered support organization with an emphasis on aesthetic empowerment. Hundreds of films have been produced through IFC and have screened in dozens of major festivals throughout the world.

Founded by a group of people who just wanted to make movies, the IFC is one of the oldest independent filmmaker groups in the US, and one of the most vibrant.

“More Films, Better Films” Our model is simple: Help each other make films.

We’ve found that if you help someone make their film, bringing your talents and energy and passion, then they will do the same. Together we all grow as storytellers, and the films get better and better.

It’s worked EXTREMELY well for over 30 years, and we’re never going to stop doing it

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