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Come be a part of the filmmaking community that will get you connected and on the fast track to making your own films! You’ll get the connectivity, information, resources and support you’ve always needed, but now you’ll also get an immense package of benefits that will make your filmmaking life cheaper and easier – freeing you to be the filmmaker you were born to be.

Member benefits

  • Discounted Tickets to IFC Events
  • Eligibility to Apprentice in IFC Production or FilmLab
  • Eligibility to Vote on IFC Board Members
  • Discounted IFC Contest Registration
  • Access to IFC Exclusive Video Training, Lectures, and Seminars
  • Be part of a vibrant local community of cinema creatives.
  • Be a member in a film directory exclusive to our member.

Friends of the Filmmaker Discounts

Discounts to area stores and services aimed at those creating films.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • 10% Prop & Costume Rental/Purchase Discount – Have Guns will Rent
  • 50% Studio Rental Discount – Stage Port
  • 10% Editing/Reel Discount – Breakthrough Reels
  • 15% Gear Rental Discount – Lights On Kansas City
  • 25% Extra Classes: *First Time Students Only* Get 5 classes when you buy 4 -OR- get 15 when you buy 12. – Actors Training Studio
  • More to come
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